Mediation of Disputes in the High Courts It is now recommended, from March 2020, that parties to a dispute in the High Court resolve the dispute by way of mediation and not litigation. This is in terms of the new 2020 Rule 41A of the Uniform Rules of Court governing the High Courts in South […]Continue reading

Very few people realise the financial implications of dying. Many South Africans who die have insufficient cash in their estates to pay for the estate costs and debts. The following are examples of the type of costs that are typically payable when a person dies. Advertising costs During the administration of an estate, two sets […]Continue reading

Introduction A testator may wish to provide in his Will for the situation where a beneficiary is insolvent at the time of inheritance so as to prevent the inheritance from being included in the insolvent estate of the beneficiary. The aim of such a clause in a Will is to prevent the creditors of the […]Continue reading